Our Awarded radio station plays powerful music from many genres, from the past to the present while introducing the future in powerful ways! Powerful music genres, powerful tracks and versions!… This is why our huge number of fans always gave and still giving us 5/5 REVIEWS… And since our spins are counted for the National US Charts and European Indie Chart, we support all the good and serious supportive Artists worldwide, and currently accepting new ads and music. But please contact us below asking about our submission guidelines before sending anything.

Radio Power 77.7 Top 10 This Week:

1- Fadi Awad – Nobody Knows

2- Adriana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry

3- Selena Gomez – Back To You

4- Ed Sheeran – Perfect

5- Bruno Mars – Finesse

6- Camila Caballo – Havana

7- David Raynolds – This Is The End

8- Maroon 5 – Wait

9- Yolanda Thomas – Into The Zone

10- Sung Eun Choi – Come

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